LWBS (LWOT) Cost Estimator

Total Patients:
Acceptable LWBS %:
Net Facility Revenue per avg discharged ED patient:
Actual LWBS%:
Excess LWBS% % = Patients
Estimated Lost Revenue = $
This calculator reveals the revenue loss due to elopements. Enter the total number of patients and the number of elopements(LWBS, LWOT, LPMSE, etc) for the same time period. Then click the Calculate button. The default "acceptable" number of elopements is set at 1% which you can also change. The default facility net revenue for ED patients is set at $500 which you can also edit.

The calculator determines the actual elopement percentage and subtracts the "acceptable" elopement percentage. It then multiplies that result times the total patients to find the # of elopements that should be preventable and multiplies that number by the net revenue value to deterimine the total loss (or savings).